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How do I have to maintain the machine. What can I do and when do I need the service from a dealer

Daily cleaning the machine with regular cleaning materials and detergents is necessary for maintaining good hygienic practices. The machines are designed for easy cleaning and some parts like sealing bars or silicon beams an be removed. The Teflon tape on the seal beams will eventually wear off and can easily be replaced by new Teflon tape.

Dealer service

Over time the heating wires may have to be replaced by your dealer. The pump will need an oil change after about 6 months regular use to maintain a good vacuum. The vacuum pump has a special filter that may have to be changed if the machines starts to emit fumes with oil. Eventually the rubbers that keep the vacuum chamber airtight may wear out and cause leaks. These are all regular wear and tear items. Otherwise you may expect the machine to last a long time without major repair or maintenance costs.