Vacuum packaging in gastronomy

Dramatically reduce food costs by vacuum packaging portioned stock

Ask any chef, and they’ll say the key to great gastronomy is fresh ingredients. But this can get expensive, and chefs are always looking for ways to economize. Many have now discovered vacuum packing to divide and store food cuts to preserve freshness and reduce wastage in all types of commercial kitchens. With a Henkovac professional vacuum packaging machine, it’s possible to extract up to 99.8% of the air so aerobic bacteria cannot grow. Whether you’re a restaurant, hotel, caterer or small retailer, a vacuum packaging machine should be at the center of your kitchen.

  • Vacuum chambers easy to clean, round corners
  • Intuitive digital control unit
  • Easily removable seal beams and silicon bars
  • Transparent product range for the right choice

Extend shelf life...

Vacuum packaging in Gastronomy extends the shelf life of your food products. You then have the advantage of using, selling and serving your products for an extended period of time.

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Meat industry

High quality packaging to improve your customers.

Food processing

Optimization and flexibility in all kind of food processing

Non-food Industry

Optimal protection against dirt, dust and moist.