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Packagins soups & sauces

H2O sensor – packagins soups & sauces

For vacuum packaging soups and sauces the products have to be cooled down to about 15°C or lower before packaging.

Products with a high water content like soups and sauces need special care since at a lower air pressure (vacuum) the liquid will start to evaporate quickly, a process which looks like boiling but at a lower temperature than 100 0C.

This will not cook the product (because of the low temperature) but:

  1. dry the product out, loose moisture and weight
  2. may spatter out of the bag,
  3. may soil the machine and package.

The special H2O program on the control unit will exactly measure this “boiling” point, which is also the point at which vacuum is reached and all the air is out off the package. Additionally, the moisture drawn out off the product will not be collected in the oil of the vacuumpump which would increase the oil changes.