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Food processing industry

Easily understandable product range
Vacuum chambers with rounded corners
Easily removable seal beams and silicon bars
Intuitive digital control unit
Turbovac redefines the benchmark once again.

Turbovac offers a full range of vacuum packging machines with a small footprint, reliable, easy to clean and maintain. Turbovac has redesigned its complete range of vacuum packing machines to make the machines easier to use and maintain. Timeless design with round shapes and a large choice of models and options makes it easy to select the best solution for your packing needs.

Besides a timeless design with round shapes, all models have world-standard features such as a hygienic easy-to-clean vacuum chamber, wireless seal beams, removable silicon bars for easy cleaning. Intuitive digital control unit, detects automatically the optimum vacuum level for products with a high moisture content, preventing moisture to be evaporated out of the product.
With an ingenious redesign focused on serviceability, Turbovac sets the new benchmark for quality and design in the industry once again


Our plug and play table top machines have all the quality engineering and build of our industrial vacuum machines.
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