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Non-food processing industry

Protection and volume reduction
Keep out external dirt and dust
Scratches and chafing prevented
Prevent oxidation
Saving on storage and transport costs
Vacuum packaging prevents fraud
Consumer and industrial goods

In the non-food industry vacuum machines are often used for special applications and special situations. This might range from hygienic packaging in the pharmaceutical industry or sterilized products for the use and re-use in hospitals. In the electronic industry vacuum packaging is used to prevent sensitive components from sliding in the package. It also protects the products from dirt, dust and corrosion. The defense industry uses vacuum packaging e.g. for packaging explosives. Banks might use vacuum packaging for packaging money to prevent fraude. Vacuum packaging is also used to reduce the volume of bulky products to reduce transport cost and to improve handeling.

Custom Design
Because of the divers applications and requirements in the industry our engineering department can modify the design and options of the machines to suit your special requirements.    


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