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For continuous operation:

Our Turbovac Automatic Packaging Line

  • After the machine is  manually loaded the cover will close automatically and start the vacuum cycle.
  • After the vacuum cycle the cover will automatically swing to the other working platform while the packaged
  • products will automatically be discharged on the conveyor belt and be transported into the immersion tank which will automatically start the short immersion cycle.
  • After the immersion the product will be discharged on the exit table.  
  • At the exit table the excess film can be removed from the shrink wrap package if 1-2 seal has been used.
  • The 1-2 seal is highly recommended when shrink bags are being used.
  • For regular vacuum bags the immersion tank is not necessary.

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Easy and quick mould change, easy access, easy to clean:

Our Turbovac Tray Sealers

The TPS range can be equipped with a special oxygen Busch pump for gasflush > 21%, a photocell for centering printed film. The loading area can be extended, the exit belt can be motorized and the control unit has connections for auxiliary equipment.

The TPS 1000 and TPS 2000 are especially designed for easy and fast mould changes which consists off relatively light components. The transparant cover allows quick and full access for the mould change, loading  and guiding the film and thorough cleaning of the machine.

The TPS 2000 has 2 moulds which doubles the production capacity compared to the TPS 1000 or adds flexibility with the installation of 2 different moulds. This only requires changing the settings at the control panel for switching to a different tray dimension.


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Available for Flexible and Rigid film widths:

Our Turbovac Thermoformers

The range of thermoformers has been designed to satisfy the requirements of small to medium size processing operations that require the best value for their money in performance, hygiene, quality, reliability, servicebility and durabilty. The intuitive, user friendly control system make programming easy, provides relevant management
information and safeguards proper operation. All parts are very accessible for easy service and cleaning. The uncompromising choice of quality materials and design makes us proud to be able to offer this range of thermoformers.

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For shrink packages:

Our Turbovac Immersion tanks

  • Full stainless steel immersion tanks for shrink packages            
  • Immersion platform with rollers for easily loading and unloading    
  • Automatic water leven and temperature control                
  • Wheels for added flexibility  

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