Perishable food products: Indication Shelf life extension

Indication of improvement of shelf life of vacuum packaged products

Shelf life of perishable food can be extended by packing under vacuum in a special vacuum bag.

  1. Elimination of oxygen and preventing oxygen to get in touch with the product
  2. Hygiene: No contamination during transport and storage, hygienic transport and storage
  3. Hygiene: No contamination during handling the packaged product
  4. Flavors are better preserved in the food
  5. Preventing freeze burn, drying out and shriveling of the “skin” of the product
  6. No loss of product by having to cut off discolored or dried out parts
  7. Products can be bought at larger quantities, kept longer, will keep better appearance for a longer time, less products will have to be thrown away
  8. Natural moisture content is preserved
  9. No weight loss of the products
  10. No moisture is absorbed out of the air, no discoloration

Shelf life depends very much on the freshness and cleanliness of the product and processing conditions!

Shelf life extension is only an indication.

  1. Food products are natural products and are never exactly the same.
  2. The rate of spoilage depends greatly on the number of aerobic, anaerobic bacteria and fungus initially on the product under the hygienic conditions and temperature when the products are packaged.
  3. The quicker, cleaner and the more hygienic the conditions under which the products are packaged the better
  4. Working with clean knifes, cutting boards and machinesis essential
  5. The rate of spoilage also depends on the conditions, temperature, light, during storagee
  6. A good quality vacuum bag is required to maintain the vacuum over a longer period of time

  • TIPS
  • Vegetables, clean very well under water.
  • Cucumbers and courgettes contain a lot of moisture and cannot be vacuum packed.
  • Herbs with a high oil content like thyme, mint or rosemary can best be vacuum packed in dried condition.
  • Herbs like basil, tarragon, dill, parsley and chives can be best frozen first and dried to prevent loss of aromatic flavors.
  • Soft mushrooms will turn mushy. Mushrooms can better be washed, cut, dried and frozen before vacuum packaging. During preparations don´t defrost the mushrooms but use directly in the cooking process
 Kept in a refrigerator  Normal  vacuum packaged
 Cooked food  2 days  10 days
 Fresh meat  2 days  6 days
 Chicken  2 days  6 days
 Cooked meat  4-5 days  8-10 days
 Fresh fish  2 days  4-5 days
 Cut meat, sandwich  3 days  6-8 days
 Smoked meat-sausage  90 days  365 days
 Dutch cheese  12-15 days  50-55 days
 French cheese  5-7 daysn  13-15 days
 Fresh vegetables  5 days  18-20 days
 Fresh herbs  2-3 days  7-14 days
 Lettuce  3 days  6-8 days
 Fresh fruit  3-7 days  8-20 days
 Deserts  5 days  10-15 days
 Kept at room temperature  Normal  vacuum packaged
 Bread, rolls  2-3 days  7-8 days
 Cookies  120 days  300 days
 Dried food  10-30 days  30-90 days
 Not cooked noodles  180 days  365 days
 Coffee, tea  30-60 days  365 days
 Wine  2-3 days  20-25 days
 Non alcoholic after opening  2-3 days  7-10 days
 Baked products  2-3 days  7-10 days
 Nuts  30-60 days  120-180 days
 Chips, snacks  5-10 days  20-30 days
 Kept in a freezer (-18C)  Normaal  Onder vucuum
 Fresh meat  6 months  18 months
 Minced meat  4 months  12 months
 Chicken  6 months  18 months
 Fresh fish  6 months  18 months
 Fresh vegetables  8 months  24 months
 Champignons  8 months  24 months
 Herbs  6-10 months  18-30 months
 Fruit  6-10 months  18-30 months
 Cut meat, sandwich  2 months  4-6 months
 Baked products  6-12 months  18 months
 Coffee beans  6-9 months  18-27 months
 Ground coffee  6 months  12-34 months
 Bread, rolls  6-12 months  18-36 months

All values are only an indication of possible shelf life extension. Because of the many variables of the food substances and processing conditions no rights or claims may de derived from this information.

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