Vacuum packaging for
Sous-vide Cooking

Low temperature vacuum cooking that seals in the flavour

Sous-vide cooking – a French term that means slow-cooking under vacuum – is moving from Michelin-Starred restaurants into the mainstream. The idea behind the revolutionary technique is simple: don’t let any of the juices of flavours in the food evaporate or leak out. Sous-vide cooking does this by cooking the food in a sealed bag at a low temperature for a long time. Turbovac offers a complete range of vacuum packaging machines that ensure the best possible results for Sous-vide cooking.

  • Consistent high-quality
  • Cost efficient cooking method
  • 100% natural, healthy cooking
  • Optimized kitchen organization

Hygienic easy-to-clean vacuum chambers...

All models have hygienic easy-to-clean vacuum chambers, easily removable seal beams and silicon bars for easy cleaning. Intuitive digital control unit, automatically detects the optimum vacuum level for products with a high moisture content, preventing moisture from being evaporated out of the product.

With an ingenious redesign focused on serviceability, Turbovac sets the new benchmark for quality and design in the industry once again.

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